By: Zack Duvall, President of Millennial Consulting LLC

With the current talk in virtually every interview by almost every politician being on the issues of tax reform and growing the economy, we wanted to highlight who we feel are the real MVP’s when it comes to the American economy, small business owners.

The small business owners of our nation are, and always have been, the backbone of our economy and the pinnacle of the American Dream. The owners are the embodiment of what hard-work, dedication, perseverance, and innovation can achieve.

The small business owner is a person who has taken that leap of faith into the uncertainty of the modern economy, and has built something with their own intellect, two-hands and ambition. They put millions of Americans to work in an environment built on family values, an appreciation for their community, and the American spirit of success. They are, in many cases, pillars in their communities that are the beacons of hope to many who wish to set out and accomplish and live the American Dream.

They are the inspiration for many who share and embody the entrepreneurial spirit and desire. In many communities they are sponsors, family members, a helping hand, or a place for locals to come together and share experiences and memories.

Small businesses make up 87% of all U.S. employers in the private sector and have created more than 65% of the new jobs added to our nation’s economy since 1995. A community with a thriving small business based economy is typically a thriving community in itself. This is because $68 out of every $100 made by these businesses is put back into their local economy in the form of school and charity donations, local children’s sports league contributions, and the fact that they put their money in local banks, who in turn recycle it back into the economy through home loans, credit programs, and other programs implemented to help boost the local economy.

Small business owners really are Americans who are living the dream everyday. They are putting their fellow Americans to work and are keeping their money local and making sure they work to improve the quality of life of their fellow community members. I have said before on this page that I hope you all stop in and support the local businesses in your areas and the benefits of doing so.

Sure in some cases you may spend a little more, but I would argue that the benefit to your local economy and the good that many of these great Americans do for their communities are so worth the extra dollar or two that is spent.

I would argue that it’s an investment in the American culture, way of life, and the American Dream!

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